Simple Recipes For Children - Set of 6 Posters - Pizza, Chicken Fajitas, Omelette, Shepherd's Pie, Spaghetti Bolognese, Victoria Sponge

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Learn how to cook some of Britain's and the World's favourite dishes with these posters that detail how to cook a pizza, chicken fajitas, an omelette, spaghetti bolognese, a shepard's pie and a victoria sponge. This poster set features detailed instructions on how to cook each dish, featuring facts and images, this is perfect for encouraging children to help cook. It includes a list of all ingredients and utensils needed, meaning you'll know what you need before you begin. This also features nutritional information so you can see what is in the food you are cooking and helps teach children the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. overall, this product is brilliant for families wanting to create a fun cooking environment.

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