Endless opportunities to play with a tuff tray

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Now a tuff tray isn’t an essential item for playtime but it is definitely worth the investment. I help mums with playtime at home using every day items around the house which obviously a tuff tray isn’t but I absolutely love one and the benefits outweigh how awkward it is to store

For me the biggest benefit is making play more inviting for children. Although children instinctively know how to play, they still need to have the opportunities and also be inspired to play, using a visual area for play like a blanket, table or tuff tray can encourage this. I also love that it helps contain the mess and toys too.

I thought I would share some of my favourite ways to use a tuff tray.

Imaginative Play

Both my girls love imaginative play and we use the tuff tray with the girls ponies, horses and stables. I purchased the countryside mat from Tiger Moon too – decided on this one as it could be used with their horses but also the cars too. I have also used it to set up a little pet groomers, a workshop and a snowball scene for my toddler too.


Sensory Messy Play

With the tuff tray’s shallow edge, it means that the materials are accessible for babies, toddlers and big kids but also easily contained. Just a few of the messy play activities I have done with my girls are Moon Sand, Orange Squeezing, Pasta Play, Water Play & Mud Pies.

If you struggle for messy play ideas I have a free Messy Play Recipe ebook on my website which includes 10 recipes and most are taste-safe and suitable for babies.


Arts & Crafts

Enjoying arts and crafts is my other favourite activity, for a quick and easy activity the girls love chalking on the tray, plus you can also place collage materials to stick onto paper on the tray, we enjoyed the autumn theme sticking on leaves to decorate hedgehogs and trees.



The opportunities for play with a tuff tray are endless and we will continue to use ours weekly with a variety of activities. If you would love to follow our play journey and be inspired with more simple play and activity ideas you can join my FREE group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/itsplaytimetots where I spend lots of time sharing ideas, tips and advice to make playtime easier.

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