Your School Area - Aerial Photography - Poster. 50 x 50cm

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See your school and its surrounding area from above in clarity with our fantastiic aerial photography map printed on high quality poster paper which is finished with a gloss laminate.


The poster features a stunning high detail aerial photograph of your school and its surrounding area with the location of your postcode in the centre of the image covering an area of approximately 1km x 1km. 


Presented with an attractive border with your schools name at the bottom - this is the perfect resource for teaching children geography and map reading - children will be able to identify landmarks, roads and your school school from above - a fun and engaging way of developing coordination and observation.


Includes 22 page booklet of teaching notes with colour photos, information and fun activities. 


Please note: When purchasing your aerial product from us we will use the postcode on your delivery address for the aerial image. If you would prefer to use a different postcode then please contact us through amazon or by email to once you have placed your order.